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Şahinler Artificial Leather was founded in 1973.

We have been trying to be one of the biggest and most innovative firms in the textile sector by merging our deep experience and the dynamic and modernist structure of our company.

As Şahinler Artificial Leather, we shine out with our wide product range containing PVC Laminated Polyester Fabrics and Artificial Leather Fabrics for shoes, bags, upholstery, and clothing besides we provide most of the demand in Turkey.

We are developing ourselves day by day and plan to be known worldwide thanks to our network which we trade with more than 40 countries from South America to Middle Asia.


As Şahinler Artificial Leather, our priority is to supply and serve our customers the best products at the earliest.

To do so, since the foundation of our company, we have always tried and will always try to be adapted to that day’s conditions.

We aim to be a firm which is appreciated due to the performance in the sector, respects the moral values of nature and the environment, gives confidence to its employees and customers without any future concerns.